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Canandaigua Chapter, NSDAR

Who are our DAR Patriot Ancestors?  

                 DAR Patriot Ancestors rendered services to the new American Government between 19 April 1775 and 26 November 1783.  Their services include Military Service, Patriotic Service, Civil Service, and Service by Foreign Nationals.

              Military Service was provided by officers and men of the Continental Army, Navy, Marines, State and Local Militias, State Navies, and the French Army and Navy.  These ancestors fought and won on the battle fields. 

              But not everyone was able to perform military service. Civil Service was provided by citizens who conducted the local and regional business of the American government and American courts throughout the Revolutionary War.

              Patriotic Service was provided by civilians serving as a spies, territorial scouts, ministers, nurses, wagoneers, defenders of remote outposts, Prisoners of War, refugees, and those suffering depredations.  One very important form of Patriotic Service was rendered by citizens who paid Taxes, donated funds and goods, or loaned funds to the new American government.         

              Foreign Nationals, specifically from France and Spain, also provided critically important military and financial assistance in support of the American cause against the British.

              All categories of service to the American government; Military Service, Civil Service, Patriotic Service and Service by Foreign Nationals are equal in value. Each played critical roles in the prosecution of the war and the creation of the new independent American government. 

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Updated December 10, 2020